Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

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Valetine #1: Let's Explore!

Lace your best walking shoes (matching, of course) and explore the sights of L.A. with tastemakers, Cereal.

Cereal Guide Book $25
His/Her Moonstar Shoes $155+
TOTAL: $180

Valentine #2: Spray it and say it

Hiba wood comes from one of Japan's most revered trees. Taking over 300 years to mature, we know love's best over time.

Golda Atmosphere Spray
"Topanga Love"
Spray 2oz $2 | Spray 8oz $45
TOTAL: $70

Valentine #3: Catch me if you can

Catch-all trays are the beating heart of domestic life. Keys, wallets, essentials, let's get coordinated with our love.

His/Her CDG Wallet $99
Walnut Hexagon Tray $110
TOTAL: $209

Valentine #4: SNUGGLE IN

A touch of new with a dash of vintage. Get mixed-up with your love under the covers.

Subu Slippers $69
Overdye Kantha Blanket from $550
TOTAL: from $619

Valentine #5: Fancy seeing you

A special night out needs some sparkle and spritz.

Shihara Triangle Earring $628
Comme des Garçons Perfume $110
TOTAL: $738

Valentine #6: Mornings together

Start the day with a cup of tea steeped in tradition and let it help guide your own daily rituals.

Kaikado His/Her Canisters $198
Ippodo Tea from $13
Hasami Porcelain Bowl Tall $18
TOTAL: from $229

Valentine #7: READY, SET, DINE

Didn't choose the right plates for your registry 20 years ago? We hear you. Never too late to build again.

Hasami Porcelain Small Mug $30 each
Hasami Porcelain Plate $40
Hasami Porcelain Creamer $27
Tomoro Sand Vase $130
TOTAL: $257

Valentine #8: zenning out

Build relaxation into the office lifestyle with a set that reminds you to light a fire and take a breath.

Elemense Acorn Brass Incense Holder $26.50
Elemense Incense $35
S/N Brass Pen Trays $192
TOTAL: $253.50

Akane Vase - tortoise general store
Sugahara Bud Vase - tortoise general store
Variety of Seeds/Plants - Sola Cube - tortoise general store
Sola Cubes - Minerals (Small) | Tortoise General Store
Deux Cranes Chocolates | Tortoise General Store
CDG Perfume - tortoise general store
Kosuga Chikuseiko Incense - tortoise general store
Shihara One-Stone Necklace 03 | Tortoise General Store