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Sake Stories: UKA

Like so many descendants of immigrants, Ross Koda, feels a pull to two different places.  The grandson of a man once called "the Rice King"...

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Crafty Fun for Kids and Adults: Rustic Natural Dye Eggs to Celebrate Spring

The return of spring brings with it a bounty of colors, and we're inspired to celebrate with this simple and fun craft project using natural dye.  At...

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MARCH / Good Company With Naoko Zaima, Sogetsu Ikebana Instructor and Artist

Naoko Zaima - Interview: ET: Naoko, we're so excited to be in your good company this month.  What will you be sharing with us during...

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Sake Stories: Moon Bloom

At first glance, the 120-year old Wakayabashi brewery based in Nagano fits the mold of a traditional sake brewery.  Nestled at the basin of a large...

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Searching For Tenuguis Gets A Makeover: We've Made Finding The Right Pattern Easier!

Now our full collection of tenuguis have their own designated category and can be explored by subcategories: traditional, contemporary, animal and seasonal.  We've also added a "Learn...

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NOVEMBER / Good Company: G.K.P. Pop-Up with Founder & Designer, Kazuyo Takeda

When Kazuyo Takeda found an email in her inbox from the Michelin star chef, Grant Achatz, she first thought it was junk mail.  Instead a glowing...

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