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Kosuga Bamboo Crafts

From Kyoto's 124 Year Old Atelier

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Niime Tamaki, Designer

Unisex Styles in 100% Organic Cotton from Hyoto Japan

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Sori Yanagi, Designer

Legendary Master of Industrial Design for the Kitchen and Home

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Hasami Porcelain Tableware

Designer, Takuhiro Shinomoto of Tortoise

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Niime Summer Bags

Tenugui Cloths

Summer prints Available Now!

News & Staff Picks

Part-time Associate Opportunity starting this summer and beyond!

Associate positions are part-time, 1 PM - 6 PM, during store hours. Customer service oriented–strong organizational skills and an interest in Tortoise products a must! We're a small team of passionate and fun individuals, and we're looking to add more members and grow.  Email your resume with the subject line "TGS part-time position 2022" to!

Traveling with a Journal that Grows with You

The Traveler's Notebook series is a favorite for the Tortoise team–nearly every staff member uses one.  Since some assembly is required, view our short and sweet video showing the easy process for new converts.  Just choose your preferred notebook cover out of the four color options and add the inserts that best fit your needs!

Obake - Our Friendly Neighborhood Creatures of the Night

Obakes are a class of supernatural creatures often featured in Japanese folklore.  Originally taken from the word bakeru, which literally translates into 'thing that changes', they're often known as shapeshifters. Learn more about the obakes feature on our latest summer tenugui pattern at the jump!