Tortoise Staff Picks

Mother's Day Gifts

Show your appreciation for Mom with our curated collection of thoughtful gifts. From luxurious spa sets to heartfelt keepsakes, we have everything you need to make her feel loved this Mother's Day. Pictured below is our acrylic sola cube containing "Bunny Tail Grass". The botanical meaning of Bunny Tail Grass is "Strong yet Gentle", like so many Moms out there!

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Akane Vase - tortoise general store
Variety of Seeds/Plants - Sola Cube - tortoise general store
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Tamaki Niime Kitchen Mittens | Tortoise General Store
CDG Zip-Around Wallets SA3100 | Tortoise General Store
Elemense Diffuser Oils - tortoise general store
Elemense Pottery Stone Diffusers - tortoise general store
Hinoki Bath Stools - tortoise general store
Sugahara Bud Vase - tortoise general store
Shihara One-Stone Necklace 03 | Tortoise General Store
Elemense Incense - tortoise general store
CDG Perfume - tortoise general store
Sola Cubes - Minerals (Small) | Tortoise General Store
Tomoro Sand Vase Medium | Tortoise General Store