TGS Goes to Copenhagen, 3-Days-Of-Design Festival to Help Launch HASAMI PORCELAIN'S New 'Grey Collection'! - tortoise general store

TGS Goes to Copenhagen, 3-Days-Of-Design Festival to Help Launch HASAMI PORCELAIN'S New 'Grey Collection'!

Posted by Keiko Shinomoto on

This is Keiko, and we are on our way to Copenhagen, Denmark to attend the "3-Days-Of-Design" Festival from June 7th-9th 2023!

On the way to LAX airport, our Uber driver who told us he was from Calcutta, taught us that in India, people call Mt Everest “Top of the sea”. Indeed! Our trip to Denmark is off to a happy start.

My husband Taku and I visited this same design festival last year.  The event is noticeably bigger this year as the festival celebrates its 10th anniversary!  With less Covid restrictions as well, there many more exhibitors and visitors present, which makes it more exciting.

3-Days-Of-Design takes place over 3 days, mid-week, which makes sense since it's geared towards professionals in the design world.  We still managed to show our 11 year old son around the fair, getting him interested in various beautiful works, letting him participate in workshops, and occasionally, stopping by some touristic spots like the Round Tower! His childhood friend from home (who now lives in Copenhagen) was kind enough to take him to Tivoli after-school, a very nice treat!  Our main reason for being at the fair is not to explore or seek out new merchandise however.  We are here to help the HASAMI PORCELAIN team debut their new collection of HASAMI PORCELAIN plates, bowls and mugs!  We are here to support as an exhibitor! 

The new HASAMI PORCELAIN collection is called the 'Grey Collection' and of course they all can stack on top of the original HASAMI PORCELAIN pieces because they use the same modular scale.  But the 'Grey Collection' pieces are noticeably thinner and for that reason, they're much lighter. The exterior color is also a grey matte finish, but the interior is glossy, in two color options: white or gray.

The traditional HASAM PORCELAIN 'lids' in the new collection are not wooden, but a mixture of paper and resin, and they come in brown and black.  Taku designed and directed this whole new series, and gave it its name, “The Grey Collection”. 

The 'Grey Collection' will be available in our store perhaps this winter, and more details including their availability in-store and online will be announced on a later date!  For those who are in Copenhagen right now or plan to visit, the HASAMI PORCELAIN 'Grey Collection' was exhibited at a cafe called Studio X Kitchen for the whole duration of the festival.  Located in the heart of Copenhagen, they have delicious seasonal dishes, pastries and drinks, and served them all in our 'Grey Collection'!  According to Taku, many HASAMI PORCELAIN retailers from Norway, Canada, US, Switzerland and Germany stopped by and expressed interest in the new line, which made him very happy!  Studio X Kitchen liked the line so much they've told us they'll keep using them even after the design festival!  Thank you, Vanessa and chef George for your support!

For those visiting Copenhagen, here's an image of the 'The Round Tower'. Nice to learn its history and see the beautiful architecture! Our son’s most favorite place in CPH, besides Tivoli!

We also saw some impressive flower arrangements throughout town, not to mention the impressive scenery and food as well. 

A big congratulations to the entire Saikai - HASAMI PORCELAIN team for their debut of the 'Grey Collection'! It took a long time to make this happen, but your hard work has been impressive!!  Hopefully, Tortoise can start carrying the new line sooner than other stores here in the U.S., but in the meantime, if anyone gets a chance to visit CPH, please stop by Studio X Kitchen to try their food in our 'Grey Collection' bowls, plates and mugs!  As always, we appreciate everyone's support!

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