Tortoise Classic #5: Toyo-Sasaki Glassware, Tough and Elegant Glassware Made to Last - tortoise general store

Tortoise Classic #5: Toyo-Sasaki Glassware, Tough and Elegant Glassware Made to Last

Posted by Emma Tsuchida on

At Tortoise General Store, we're drawn to design with enduring appeal.  Like the Tortoise that lives steadily and slowly, we don't chase after trends—rather we support and carry timeless, traditional products that bring harmony and a sense of grounding to your daily routines. 
For our fifth installment of Tortoise Classics, we bring you a well-known staple of Japanese homes, izakayas and cafeterias—a design that feels both nostalgic and completely modern: the Classic Hard Strong Glass produced by Toyo-Sasaki Glassware, the innovative maestros of glass craftsmanship since 1878.

The secret behind Hard Strong's incredible durability lies in its ingenious glassmaking process. The artisans at Toyo-Sasaki first subject their glass to intense heat and then rapidly cool it. This unique tempering technique of Hard Strong induces internal compression, imbuing the glassware with exceptional fortitude.

You can spot Hard Strong glassware at family gatherings, casual izakayas,  crowded ramen houses, and cafeterias—anywhere that needs good-looking, long-lasting glass. Tortoise owner Keiko Shinomoto recently sat down at an old haunt in Aoyama—a family-owned Taiwanese restaurant called 'Fumin' she frequented with her husband Taku when they first met working at IDEE. She was pleased to be served water in a classic 7 oz stackable Hard Strong glass.  A product like Hard Strong that fits so seamlessly and elegantly at tables in restaurants and dinner tables at home is truly special.  

While all glassware will break, and Hard Strong glassware is no exception, this glassware has proven durability and strength against casual mishaps and accidents.  While lightweight and comfortable in the hand, the smooth and transparent surface of Hard Strong glass endures even with repeated use as demonstrated by videos like the one above.  

So whether you're enjoying a cool summer cocktail in our stemless HS wineglasses or a tasty dessert served in our HS platinum series, or you're serving up lemonade in the backyard to a group of friends, we recommend Hard Strong glassware to all that enjoy classic design made with craft and care.   

See our full selection of Toyo-Sasaki glassware, including the classic Hard Strong line, the Platinum Hard Strong series and HASAMI PORCELAIN glassware here at the jump!



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