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The Nose Knows: Staying Calm with Incense and Candles

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Need to change your space with some sensory stimulation?  Or shift the mood so you feel calm and meditative for some R&R?  We've got our list of favorite incenses and candles to help you do both and describe who we think can benefit the most from lighting up. 

Hasami Porcelain x Nippon Kodo Incense in Aloeswood and Sandalwood

Who It's For: People who want to briefly meditate or evoke the memory of entering a Japanese temple

Most Japanese temples burn Aloeswood or Sandalwood, so it's no surprise that people find these woodsy scents calming and nostalgic.  These incense are made by Nippon Kodo, the oldest incense makers in Japan, who originally produced incense for the Japanese emperor.  Burn time: 20 minutes

Element Candles

Who It's For: People who want to enjoy a light and subtle candle during the day while laying in bed or reading

Japanese philosophy views the world in five unique elements: air, earth, fire, sky, and water.  Our Element Candles evoke these five elements with their bright and uplifting hand-poured soy candles that smell clean and fresh for small spaces.

Taku Shinomoto x Nippon Kodo presents Elemense Incense

Who It's For: People who enjoy deep and heavier incense or people who want to gift a beautifully packaged incense for someone special

Like the Element Candles, Elemense is inspired by the five elements, but the scent from these incense is heavier and more intense with its dense, thicker-than-normal sticks. All five scents have a baseline of woodsy notes reminiscent of Japanese temples - but all are mixed with additional floral or spicy notes to make each element a unique experience.

Kyara Premium Aloeswood Incense 

Who It's For: For people who consider themselves a serious incense lover or people who enjoy the special experience of burning Kyara Aloeswood

Kyara in Japanese translates to 'precious' because this young, premium Aloeswood is worth more than its weight in gold per ounce.  Considered to be the highest quality Aloeswood available in the world, and the most precious aromatic resin in the world, the scent from this incense is intense and permeating.  

GOLDA Hiba Wood Incense

Who It's For: People who want to feel uplifted through incense during the day

Hiba is one of the most revered trees in Japan for its healing properties, which is why GOLDA has produced this incense to uplift and relax with a citrusy, ceder-like fragrance that is subtle for day-time burning throughout the home.


Chrysanthemum Coil Insect Repellent Incense

Who It's For: People who want to enjoy their outdoor space a bit more or people who want to remind themselves of a Japanese summer 

You can't go through a summer in Japan without burning a bug repellent coil incense.  This chrysanthemum incense is an all-natural alternative to the traditional 'katori-senko' with its additive-free, chemical-free ingredients.  Each box comes with its own incense stand, but we recommend placing them inside a 5'' diameter Hasami bowl to add a little sophistication.  

Apotheke Incense

Who It's For: Incense lovers who enjoy clean and luxurious blends with an extra long burn time

These handmade incenses are artistically blended and feature unique notes ranging from floral to spicy to woodsy.  Apotheke incenses are extra long for an extra long burn time: 100 minutes.  This means you can enjoy your favorite scent on a relaxing day off and let the time slip by.

Hinoki Incense by Monocle x Comme De Garcon

Who It's For: Fans of the globally popular Comme De Garcon fragrances and those who don't mind getting addicted to this cult classic

This candle has a cult following, and it's not hard to see why.  Moncole and Comme De Garcon created this collaborative scent to recreate a "perfectly still, slightly chilly spring morning spent soaking in an indoor – or outdoor – tub in Kyoto. It is reminiscent of the moss and trees outside and the sharp notes of the boxy hinoki tub."  Now that's a scene we all want to be inside these days. 

Apotheke Travel Candles

Who It's For: People who are travelling and want to enjoy a fragrance in their hotel room, or those who want to enjoy a clean scent in their small home office

Apotheke blends all their candles and incenses by hand, so their range of aromas are unique and one-of-a-kind.  Apotheke travel candles come in lidded tins so that you can take them on-the-go, or easily close them up to keep out dust if you only want to enjoy a good candle here and there.


Hibi Incense Matchsticks

Who It's For: People who want to briefly enjoy a scent in a small space or people who don't want to commit to a single scent but try many in a day.

These incense matchsticks are a lighter and incense all in one!  Just strike a match on the side of the box and place it on the felt pad that's provided and your matchstick will burn all the way down like an incense.  These incense burn only for five minutes, but the smell will linger a bit longer.  They come in six different scents so you can mix it up, or even light two at a time to create your own blend at home.

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