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It's the Thought that Counts: Tortoise Moms and Staff Picks for Mother's Day

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Many of you know from seeing us in the store (and maybe our kids too) that moms are the backbone of Tortoise.  So we asked our working moms and Tortoise staff what they like recommending to other moms they know, and what they enjoy using at home.

Happy Mother's Day, all of you!

Tomoro Geo Vase: 

"The simple geometric design of this vase makes me smile.  It feels warm and inviting, like all her other pieces.  I love the way she coats her pieces in a thick glaze, like her cups.  The texture looks like cream frosting and it adds another layer of shape to enjoy.  Her vases are my favorite among all her designs, and my kids love the dinner bell." 

Tomoro Pottery is a small ceramics studio based in Los Angeles, run by a creative super-mom of 2.  Tomoko Morisaki makes everything on the wheel, imparting a whimsical spirit and grounding element to all her pieces.  

Shown: Tomoro Geo Vase
Others: Tomoro Terra Cup, Tomoro Terra Bud Vase S, Tomoro Bud Vase M, Tomoro Bud Vase WideTomoro Dinner Bells

Indigo Zabuton by Otafuku

"These 'zabutons' are great on the couch when you need to lean on a pillow, or thrown on a chair as a seat cushion, but sometimes they end up on the floor because we end up on the floor!  The patterns are traditional indigo, but they're timeless for that reason, so they look great in every room."

Otafuku celebrated 180 years in business in 2020 and has been known as Japan's premier futon manufacturers for generations.  Otafuku cushions are nationally recognized in Japan for their singular attention to quality cotton and highly skilled craftsmanship. 

Shown: Indigo Zabutons by Otakfuku - Large Size 
Others: Indigo Zabutons by Otafuku - Small Size (good size for chair seats)

Moonstar 'Alweather' Shoes

"These are such great shoes.  I swear I wear them at least 200 days in the year because it's the only pair I can wear to soccer fields (wet grass, dirt, etc).  I wear them in the mountains, I wear them when traveling, my kids see me wear them with everything."

Moonstar leads the way for fashionable vulcanized rubber shoes globally. Known for their unique methods of sealing rubber soles - baking them in kilns intended for pottery - they also stitch their durable canvas bodies by hand, so from top to sole - their shoes pass the test of time and look great.

Shown: Charcoal - Sold Out
Others: Khaki Alweather Shoes, Beige Alweather Shoes, Brown Alweather Shoes

Comme De Garcon Zip Wallet

"This is a life-changing wallet.  People always laugh when I say that, but then they get one, or I'll give them one as a gift and they understand right away what I'm talking about. This wallet design is so simple, but has maximum function.  I put my cards on one side (I will NEVER do card slots anymore), then my cash goes to the other side, my loose change goes right in the middle and miraculously, it never spills out.  It's so small I can fit it in my jeans pocket, and the bright eye-catching color by CDG means I find it in my purse right away."

Comme des Garçons is a Japanese fashion label founded and headed by world renowned designer Rei Kawakubo in Tokyo. This unisex wallet is sleek and stylish while it keeps your cards, cash, and coins secure. 

Shown: Comme De Garcon Zip Wallet 
Others: Comme De Garcon Zip Pouch

Larger Iga-Yaki Steamer Donabe

"This pot is heavy.  Literally heavy to hold, but also heavy duty because I use it for so many things.  I steam dumplings, custards, vegetables and fish (because it's healthier than frying), and when I'm not steaming , I'll take out the inner lid and do Shabu Shabu night or make a risotto.  After cooking a dish, I bring it straight to the table - no extra serving bowls needed.  When I'm not using it, I will keep it on my counter because it's beautiful to look at."

Donabe, the Japanese word for 'clay pot', describes the traditional Japanese earthenware pot that can be used directly over an open flame. In many Japanese households, donabes are an essential tool in the kitchen - not just for special occasions, but for everyday use.

Shown: Large Iga-yaki Steamer Donabe
Others: Kamado Rice Cooking Donabe, Tagine Donabe


NY Rocking Chair in Camel Color

"I think if I were pitching this chair, my tagline would be: Set up a nice hideout for your mom - because that is what this NY chair literally does for me.  I move this chair around a lot.  Out to the balcony when I want to be alone and relax.  Outdoors when I want to breathe some fresh air and get some peace.  When I don't want my kids crawling all over it, I just fold it up and slide it in my closet - magic!"

Designed by Takeshi Nii in 1970, this rocking chair is rooted in Japanese design, but with Danish influence.  The chair's lightweight frame (just 14 lbs!) and easy to fold function makes it a snap to travel with room to room.  The chair's thoughtful ergonomic design makes it extremely comfortable to sit in for hours.

Shown: NY Chair Camel Color
Others: NY Chair Camel Ottoman

Cotton Tamaki Niime Scarves in Medium Size

"I grab this scarf so often, that you'd think I would be tired of it by now, but each time I wear it, it makes me feel so fresh and happy.  I wear it to weddings when I want a little something warm (but not heavy) to dress up my outfit, I wear it casually with jeans.  I received a color that suits me and it seems to go with everything.  Oh! I also particularly enjoy the surprising amount of different colors in it too!  It brings me joy each time I find a new color I never knew it had. The detail is incredible."

These soft to the touch, unisex, 100% organic cotton shawls by Japanese textile designer and weaver, Tamaki Niime are one-of-a-kind wearable art.  Each scarf is made from cotton that is grown on-site, by the same woman who weaves and dyes the thread.

Shown: Tamaki Niime Big Scarf
Others: Tamaki Niime Medium Scarf



Subu Rubber Sole Slippers 

"I got a pair of these last year for my mom for Mother's Day, and I have two pairs of Subu Slippers for myself at home. One pair I wear indoors because I have cold floors, and I keep it next to my bed when I sleep just in case we have an earthquake in the middle of the night and I need some good rubber soled shoes to get out of the house!  That's life in California! I also have a pair I wear exclusively outdoors in the mornings when I walk my dog and can't be bothered to lace up shoes.  The inside is really soft and warm.  No socks necessary."

Considered the 'Winter Sandal', Subu Slippers are ideal for cold Californian mornings and relaxing indoors comfortably.  Simple, modern and functional.

Shown: Subu Slippers Black
Others: Subu Slippers Red  

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