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3 Ways to Create a Cafe Experience at Home with Hasami Porcelain

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After nearly a month of being safer at home, many of us have reached a point where we want to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with a cafe ambiance.  

Here are some ways you can enjoy a beverage at home with a renewed sense of purpose.

1. Find one space at home to enjoy your cup.
Bonus points if that spot can be outdoors.  While some of us don't live with a yard, many of us can still find a spot at home that feels separate from the rest of our daily tasks and chores.  Make this a place to enjoy your morning  cup of tea, coffee, or juice.  Daily rituals can be the key to slowing things down and adding a healthy dose of daily rhythm, which can be essential when we're forgetting what day of the week it is.  If you can't find a spot that feels totally separate from your work, maybe try simply closing your eyes.  Have you ever taken a sip of coffee with your eyes closed?  It can heighten your sense of smell and taste so that you feel quite transported. 


Hasami Porcelain pieces shown: 13 oz Mug (Black), 15 oz Mug (Black), sugar pot (Natural), Wooden Lid (Ash), 5'' plate (Natural) 

2. Learn from experts on how to make the perfect cup.
There's a reason why we like going to our favorite cafe or coffee shop: we're greeted by a trained and friendly professional who can make our beverage exactly the way we like it.  More and more food experts are sharing how they make their favorite morning drinks at home in online videos (speed up 11 min 48 seconds to see our Hasami and Hario pieces at work) or they're writing about their favorite coffee and tea tools in guides like this (also featuring Hasami Porcelain).  Now that we have some extra time to collect our kitchen gear, why not have fun learning how to make drinks at home?  Have you ever tried making a pour over coffee?  You can try it now with this Hasami Porcelain Pour-Over Dripper and Hasami Porcelain Coffee Pot set.  And while you're at it, why not see how much of a difference a Goose Neck Coffee Dripper Kettle can make.  Having a kettle that can effortlessly give you a thin, precise pour is a remarkable thing when you're trying to get your coffee grounds to bloom perfectly.  


Hasami Porcelain pieces shown: Coffee Dripper (Natural), Coffee pot (Clear), 15 oz Mug (Clear)


3.  Stay organized and streamlined with your ware.
Hasami Porcelain is a multi-purpose modular ceramics line that allows you to stack pieces of the same diameter into sculptural columns.  This is great when you're working in small spaces or when you want to display your daily tools beautifully on the counter.  The modular design also means that certain pieces have more than one function.  Hasami plates and trays can be used as lids on top of cups and containers, and they can also act as coasters underneath your mug.  When you have a streamlined system that makes sense to you and also looks beautiful and inviting, you don't need to go out to enjoy that cafe life at home.  


Hasami Porcelain pieces shown (left to right, top to bottom): 3'' Plate (Black x 2),  13 oz Mug (Black), 3'' Tall Bowl (Black), 5'' Wood Lid (Ash), Coffee Pot (Black), 5'' Tall Bowl (Black), 5'' Shallow Bowl (Black), 3'' Wood Lid (Ash), Sugar Pot (Black), Creamer (Black), 10 oz Mug (Black), 3'' Wood Lid (Ash), 3'' Shallow Bowl (Black), 15 oz Mug (Black)




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