Let's Celebrate Dads all Month Long! Staff Picks for Father's Day Gifts (06.18.2020)

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We're especially grateful for Dads this year.  During uncertain times, Dads have stepped up to support their families, taking on extra duties and wearing new hats.  We're here to celebrate these Super Dads and have compiled a list of gifts we thought they'd enjoy!

Camber Top Tool Box and Iron Bottle Opener:

These classic tool boxes come in 4 different colors (red, black, blue and color pictured): perfect organizer for tools, stationary items, and anything else a Dad might need to put away (game console perhaps?).  The iron pliers and pinch are not tools, but actually bottle openers to help wrench off your bottle caps.  Perfect for dad's that want to rest with a beer on the weekends with a little flair!

Shown: Tool Box (also available in red, blue, and black), Iron Bottle Opener (Pliers), Iron Bottle Opener (Pinch)

Yaki Yaki Smokeless Grill:

This ceramic grill is perfect for indoor grilling and Dads that love to cook.  The surface of the grill is deliberately sloped so that the extra fat and oil from your meats will drop down  the ridges into the ceramic moat that supports the grill from underneath.  Filling the moat with water before you start keeps the grill hot, but at a fixed temperature so that your meat cooks with very little smoke. 

Shown: Yaki Yaki Smokeless Grill

Copper Wire Tree by Artist, Mitsuru Koga:

For many of us, Dads are the roots and foundation that help us grow.  This beautiful Copper Wire Tree is an art piece, made from the twisted thin copper wires found inside electrical cords.  The artist carefully opens the cords, then untwists the wires to form them into natural and evocative trees with thick roots.  A masterpiece to remind him of you!

Shown: Copper Wire Tree by Mitsuru Koga


Asahi Shoes:

Calling all Sneakerhead Dads! As Nike's primary sneaker manufacturer in the 70's and 80's, Asahi was pivotal in creating Nike's iconic 'Blazer' and 'Bruin'. Since they first began production in 1892, Asahi shoes (formerly known as Nippon Rubber Co) have been almost entirely handmade in Kurume, Japan, using labor intensive vulcanizing methods for their rubber soles, then applying a unique herringbone technique to their suede and leather trainers.  These shoes can't be found elsewhere in North America so they're quite special.  Sizes run 1 size big. 

Shown: Asahi shoes in Mustard and Black (available over phone (310-396-7335) or by in-store appointment)

Woodcarving Knives and Wood Sculptures by our beloved carving instructor, Yo Takimoto :

For many years, Tortoise has hosted Japanese woodcarver, Yo Takimoto to teach meditative woodcarving classes.  The act of slowing down by carving wood into the shape it wants to become is a true practice of mindfulness.  Give your Dad the gift of crafting and relaxation with these woodcarving knives (available for left-handed and right-handed Dads).  We also have beautiful, one-of-a-kind sculptures by Yo available for purchase as Yo had to cancel his spring classes due to Covid.  We are selling Yo's special works for the first time to support him in Japan.  

Shown: Woodcarving Knife for Lefties or Righties, Yo's carvings are available to purchase over the phone (310-396-7335) or by in-store appointment


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