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Push Me Pull You (featuring works by Keiichi Sumi)
Push Me Pull You (featuring works by Keiichi Sumi)
Push Me Pull You (featuring works by Keiichi Sumi)

Push Me Pull You (featuring works by Keiichi Sumi)

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Working in Tokyo, out of a former print shop that is now his atelier, Keiichi Sumi finds inanimate objects in their natural habitats for future re-imagination.

Rendering objects into their elements and parts until their meaning is similarly disassembled, he removes the dirt, color and design of each surface then resets the pieces to create new life and meaning.  Objects once separate in time and place experience rebirth and an unexpected symbiosis to give viewers a new perspective and insight into the object’s original intention.

‘Push Me Pull You’ is an inspiring photo anthology featuring the works of artist Keiichi Sumi, including works collected and owned by tortoise owner and Hasami Porcelain designer, Taku Shinomoto over the course of 10 years. This commemorative collection contains over 70 original pieces that should spark the imagination and your inner child's heart.  

“Push Me Pull You”
A4 size, full color 128P, German wear, Japanese-English bilingual translation
Publisher: Tortoise & Co.
Price $ 45
Special thanks to: Claska, Yamaguchi Nobuhiro (Art Direction), Otomo Yosuke (Photography) and Louis Templado (Translation)

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Push Me Pull You (featuring works by Keiichi Sumi)