Miso Soup Donabe - tortoise general store
Miso Soup Donabe - tortoise general store
Miso Soup Donabe - tortoise general store
Miso Soup Donabe - tortoise general store
Miso Soup Donabe - tortoise general store
Miso Soup Donabe - tortoise general store

Miso Soup Donabe

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This Miso-shiru Nabe, or Miso Soup Donabe, is made with an extra-thick body, which has the ability to retain high levels of heat. As a result, food will continue to cook inside this donabe even after it is removed from heat. This donabe is also suitable for dry-heating, meaning it can be used to stir-fry or roast vegetables without liquid. Serve your rice, miso soup or stews in this donabe right at the table since it doubles as a beautiful serving vessel. It will be a nourishing, warm meal that everyone will enjoy.

Each donabe is made by hand with care and takes about 2 weeks to produce. Due to its hand-made nature and organic material, each pot will have some variation, which adds to the beautiful uniqueness of each piece. As you use the pot, you will see the bottom of the pot darken, and the color inside the pot slowly stain and grow character. This is part of the beautiful and natural aging process.

This donabe is made by Nagatani-en, a leading producer of authentic Iga-yaki pottery since 1832. Iga-yaki is said to have originated in Iga, Mie-Prefecture in the late 7th Century.


9” x 6”H
Capacity: 1.6 qt

Earthenware (clay pot)

Made from a porous prehistoric clay sourced from Japan's largest and oldest lake, Lake Biwa. The clay contains thousands of microscopic prehistoric fossils that are then baked into the clay when the pot is fired inside the kiln, creating tiny microscopic pores inside the clay pot, which act as pockets that captures and retains heat better than other cooking vessels.

Care Instructions:
Hand-wash only. Seasoning Required. Gas stove required. Does not work on electric or induction stove. Oven-safe (up to 500℉/ 250℃). Not microwave safe.
Donabe pots are hand-wash only, and should be dried thoroughly right after use with an absorbant cloth. Some donabes, like this miso donabe requires you to follow a simple seasoning process where you cook a rice porridge to seal the pores that come in direct contact with the food before using the pot for other dishes. Always use a hot plate/trivet when placing a hot donabe on a table or counter-top.


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