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Mineral Sola Cube - tortoise general store
Mineral Sola Cube - tortoise general store
Mineral Sola Cube: Amethyst Stone
Mineral Sola Cube: Argonite Stone
Mineral Sola Cube: Desert Rose Stone
Mineral Sola Cube - tortoise general store

Sola Cubes - Minerals

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Pyrite - Formed from combining iron and sulphur, pyrites come in a variety of round, square and disk like shapes from metal mines all over the world. The word root for pyrite comes from the Greek word "pyr" for "fire." Pyrite can shoot sparks when hit with other minerals or metals. Known as “fool’s gold” for it has often been mistaken as gold.

Amethyst - Greek mythology describes the formation of this semi-precious stone as story of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine.  After Dionysus is angered by a mortal, he swears to kill the next one who comes across his path and an innocent maiden name Amethystos unluckily appears. The maiden turns to the Goddess Artemis for protection, and the Artemis turns her into a white marble stone for self-protection. Dionysus, immediately regrets his action and weeps grape wine over the stone turning it into a beautiful purple gem, which we've come to know as an amethyst.

Aragonite - Aragonites have been found primarily around Aragon, Spain. The shape of the mineral is often compared to the shape of the Russian satellite “Sputnik”, giving it its nickname: satellite. The main material is made out of calcium carbonate and contains some iron, which gives the mineral its reddish hue. Many sea shell like coral and pearl contain similar elements, giving this mineral a similar color variation as sea life.

Dessert Rose - Just like the name suggest, desert rose get its name for being formed like a rose through a slow crystallization process from precipitation in desert regions. Finding a Desert Rose in these harsh landscapes lets you know that an oasis existed before water dried up.  Desert Rose minerals have been discovered in many deserts around the world, including Australia, Tunisia and Mexico. 

The packaged mineral inside is sourced from nature so there will always be variation in size, color and shape.  The packaged mineral you receive may or may not look exactly like the plant shown in the photo.  Each solo cube is hand crafted so there may be slight bubbles or powder like material in the acrylic, but these are not considered defects.

Since 2014, Usagi No Nedoko of Kyoto, Japan has made it their mission to "communicating the beauty of nature" by perfecting the acrylic arts.

2'' x 2'' 

Acrylic resin (cube) Mineral stone (specimen inside)

Care Instructions:
To clean, please wipe with a soft cloth.  Thin cracks may appear if cleaned with chemical solutions such as thinner or alcohol.  Keep away from directly sunlight or high temperature as acrylic will discolor or crack in these conditions.

Return Policy / Shipping Policy:
Returns must be made within 2 weeks in original, unused condition with all packaging for either 1. Store credit for the full amount or 2. Refund - minus a 20% restocking fee.  Tortoise does not cover the cost of return shipping or the cost of re-shipping an exchange, and the cost of shipping for returns and exchanges is the responsibility of the customer.


Mineral Sola Cube - tortoise general store
Mineral Sola Cube - tortoise general store
Mineral Sola Cube: Argonite Stone
Mineral Sola Cube: Desert Rose Stone