Lue Dinner Set - tortoise general store
Lue Dinner Set - tortoise general store
Lue Dinner Set - tortoise general store
Lue Dinner Set - tortoise general store
Lue Dinner Set - tortoise general store
Lue Dinner Set - tortoise general store

Lue Brass — Dinner Set

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Presenting a three-piece dinner set from Lue Brass' "Industrial Product" series, this collection draws its inspiration from Lue's original handcrafted designs, yet it is meticulously manufactured in Tsubame, Niigata Prefecture using industrial machinery known to produce exceptional quality metalwork.

This three piece, knife-fork-spoon dinnerware set is machine-pressed from a single sheet of brass in Tsubame, Niigata — an area known for exceptional metalwork.  Artfully joined together with a detachable brass clip, exuding an elegant unity, this design is based on a handcrafted design by Lue Brass' Ruka Kikuchi, but manufactured by machine as part of his more economical "Industrial Product" series. Each piece possesses a distinct form and an enchanting sheen, making these cutlery items both an exciting decorative piece as well as a functional essential for your tablescape.

Brass will naturally patina and oxidize over time.  Cherish the maturation of these singular utensils over time.

Ruka Kikuchi, affectionately known as Lue, is the artisan behind the creation of exceptional handcrafted brass utensils in his studio located in Setouchi, Japan. Kikuchi embarked on his metalwork journey in early 2001, training under the guidance of his father. After an intensive six-year apprenticeship, he ventured into crafting his own range of cutlery and tableware.  Each piece in his collection is meticulously hand-hammered, resulting in elegant and distinctive shapes reminiscent of the intricate metalworking techniques traditionally reserved for jewelry. Remarkably, Kikuchi often fashions a single piece of metal into a beautifully functional utensil. His remarkable craftsmanship was duly recognized in 2010 when he was awarded the Japan Mingei Museum Exhibition prize for his outstanding brass utensil line.


8" length


Care Instructions:
To prevent significant discoloration or rust, hand wash with a gentle detergent after use. Natural luster can be returned if scrubbed with salt and vinegar in the event of discoloration.


Returns must be made within 2 weeks in original, unused condition with all packaging for either 1. Store credit for the full amount or 2. Refund - minus a 20% restocking fee.  Tortoise does not cover the cost of return shipping or the cost of re-shipping an exchange, and the cost of shipping for returns and exchanges is the responsibility of the customer.