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Black Barc 'Jyun' Ring 3.5 mm with Diamonds

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22 brilliant VS1 diamonds form a ring around this band made of pure gold. Designed by Mizuki Tsurutaka, the 'Jyun' series is defined by her use of 24k gold and the hand hammered finish accentuates its quality through the added texture and richness of the material. Various sized diamonds are hand set into the ring, making this a true one-of-a-kind piece.

Size 6.75

Rather than relying on molds, Mizuki Tsurutaka, the designer behind Black Barc, handcrafts all of her work using traditional Japanese blacksmithing techniques. Tsurutaka is based in Los Angeles. She shares her studio with her husband Yusuke Muramatsu, designer of Prospective Flow.

3.5 mm band with diamonds
3.5 mm 24k pure gold band with diamonds (VS1)

Made by hand, this ring is one of a kind.

Care Instructions:
Delicate. Treat with care. Keep away from children.


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