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Black Barc 'Hebi' Earrings

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Black Barc's jewelry collection is inspired by the beauty of nature - its flowers, buds, critters and creatures. HEBI refers to the Japanese word for 'snake' and these earrings resemble baby snakes, and suggests a flirtation with the sensual  side of nature. Let these sweetly sinister snakes dance from your ears. 

0.7" x 0.4", 0.8mm thickness

Rather than relying on molds, Mizuki Tsurutaka, the designer behind Black Barc, handcrafts all of her work using traditional Japanese blacksmithing techniques. Tsurutaka is based in Los Angeles. She shares her studio with her husband Yusuke Muramatsu, designer of Prospective Flow.
18k yellow gold, 2 orange sapphires set as its eyes
Earrings are sold in pairs

Made by hand, this piece is a one-of-a-kind

Care Instructions:
Remove your gold jewelry before showering, bathing, or cleaning as chemicals can dull the color of the gold.


All jewelry is final sale.