Iron Sleeping Horse - tortoise general store
Iron Sleeping Horse - tortoise general store
Iron Sleeping Horse - tortoise general store
Iron Sleeping Horse - tortoise general store

Kamasada Iron Sleeping Horse [TS416]

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Interior designer Nobuho Miya is known for his functional cast iron cookware as well as this series of decorative animals sculptures. The Iron Sleeping Horse represents an innovation in the nambu tetsu (cast iron) tradition by combining art and design into one piece. This traditionally crafted iron horse can be used as a bookend, paperweight or decorative sculptural object. Due to the horse's minimal yet evocative aesthetic, this piece will be at home in any modern interior. Each cast iron horse is finished with an urushi (Japanese lacquer) coat for a rich black that is resistant to rust.

The lacquer coating may be uneven in parts to reveal a silver-brown patina underneath.  This is part of its natural beauty.

Nobuho Miya has dedicated his life to the Japanese cast iron craft. After graduating from the Kanazawa College of Arts and Crafts in 1975, he began developing his own designs to critical acclaim, winning Jugent Gestaltet Prize, Mayor Prize, and the Iwate Art Prize. His work reflects both his mastery of nambu tetsu, and keen sensibilities in modern design. Each piece is produced in the Kamasada iron casting studio, a studio in Morioka City that has been operated by the same family for three generations.


3.5″x 4.5″ x 1.75″, weighs 3 lbs.

Cast iron.

Care Instructions:
Store in a dry area.


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