Japanese Bath Accessories

Everyday moments are precious, and nothing captures their importance like Japanese bathing culture. More than just part of a daily routine, taking baths is a chance for reflection, connecting with nature, and an absolute sensory indulgence for mental rejuvenation. As we start fresh and oh so clean in this new year, we want to rededicate our time and attention towards elevating everyday self-care like bathing to the relaxing, restorative cleansing practice we deserve.

You can browse our collection of favorite bath accessories to create your own Japanese bathing experience for these chilly winter days and learn more about how each of these bath accessories can add to your daily routine by reading our blog for a tour of the different facets of Japanese bathing culture.  From public bath houses, to natural hot springs, to purifying charcoal and the calming properties of hinoki wood, there's much that can improve your next soaking!

Hinoki Bath Stools - tortoise general store
GOLDA Atmosphere Spray 8oz - tortoise general store
Golda Atmosphere Spray 2oz - tortoise general store
Kanaya Nail Brushes - tortoise general store
Hinoki Incense - tortoise general store
Golda Soap, Cube, Sphere, Pyramid natural ingredients made in California - tortoise general store
@Aroma Essential Oils - tortoise general store
Elemense Diffuser Oils - tortoise general store
Elemense Pottery Stone Diffusers - tortoise general store