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Preserving and Re-imaging Japanese Craft with F/style

Emi Igarashi and Wakana Hoshino, both born in Niigata Japan, co-founded the brand 'F/style' in 2001.

Photo by Kentaro Kase/Photo Kentaro Kase/©Kentaro Kase:

Both graduates from Tohoku University of Art & Design, they joined together to create a brand centered around 'the art of marking things' or 'monozukuri' as it is known in Japanese.  

F/style serves a focused mission to re-popularize ancient Japanese craft by applying them to contemporary designs that can exist within a wide-range of modern aesthetics.

F/style's open air showroom in Niigata is a perfect reflection of the duo's shared appreciation for subtle beauty.  Their relaxed and welcoming space has a quiet energy, is alive with 'monozukuri', and the designers make thoughtful  effort to leave areas of the showroom empty in order to welcome new inspiration for still undeveloped products into their space.

F/style products are currently available for purchase on our online store:

F/style cat mat

F/style shina trivet

F/style shina flower basket

F/style shina bag

You can still find more information and images about F/style from an interview done with KOSA.