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F/style Shina Tote Bag Small - tortoise general store
F/style Shina Tote Bag Small - tortoise general store
F/style Shina Tote Bag Small - tortoise general store

F/style Shina Tote Bag Small

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Emi Igarashi and Wakano Hoshino, both born in Niigata Japan, co-founded the brand 'F/style' in 2001.

By focusing on the art of making things, or "monozukuri" in Japanese, F/style's mission is to re-popularize ancient Japanese craft by applying them to new and contemporary designs that fit within a wide-range of aesthetics. 

Based in their hometown of Niigata Japan, F/style creates made-to-last pieces, that are thoughtfully designed for the home, and for personal use.

The story behind shina crafts starts with early ancient man, and records show that Japan's indigenous Ainu people were one of the first groups to use shina in daily life.  Currently only 3 towns in Japan continues to craft with shina, and F/style focuses on just 1 village in Niigata for their shina products.

The F/style's shina bag is made from the bark of a shina tree.  With natural moisture wicking oils in the tree fiber, the bag is water resistant and will be durable for everyday use.

Shina bark is stripped from the tree annually in the month of June and July by the Niigata people.  Typically trees that are 8 to 10 years old are chosen.  After the bark is stripped, they are boiled and cooked, then laid out in the sun to dry.  This process takes many months and is a large community effort.  The region of Niigata receives heavy amounts of snow in the winter so the weaving of shina happens in the winter time when the villagers must remain indoors.  As a result, the craft of shina is year round. 

The ancient craft of weaving shina is rarely seen now in modern Japan, and very few craftspeople exist today that know its technique.  F/style hopes to revive this craft by giving it a contemporary purpose in the home by applying it to common household products like trivets, baskets, and bags.

Enjoy the smell, the texture and the durability of this ancient craft and watch the bag patina and soften over time.



12.5'' (bag length) x 4'' (bag width) x 11'' (handle length) x 25'' (bag height including handle)


F/style Shina Tote Bag Small - tortoise general store