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Daily Inspiration from Ancient Craft and Nature - F/Style Pop Up X Tortoise General Store

A Message from F/Style:

Like a warm, home-cooked meal or a treasured piece of clothing worn again and again, F/Style seeks to seamlessly meld into the fabric of one’s daily life so that its harmonious, nourishing presence is almost undetectable in the quotidian stillness.

F/Style’s organic origins date back to 2001 in our hometown of Niigata-ken when we first began meeting with local manufacturers. From these meetings, a variety of products were born: hand-tufted mats, Kameda stripe cotton weavings, whole knit garments, ancient Shina fiber hand-woven crafts, spun copper bowls, bamboo crafts and leather bags. Imbued in each of these products is a deep philosophical belief that humanity exists on an infinite plane, like a borderless field of flowers where every stalk of grass contributes to a collective beauty shared by the whole.  

Standing at both ends of our production line – from creation to consumption – F/Style embraces the opportunity to connect all points on the plane for a tranquil appreciation of life.  Timeless natural materials coupled with ancient techniques open a window onto a view yet unseen for our contemporary times. Connecting these elements, F/Style draws out the inherent beauty of each facet acting as the stitching between the past and the present, between humanity and joy.

Through daily use, F/Style products become more than just a belonging in the home, they become a subtle, stable part of our daily landscape. It is the creation of objects that sustain and celebrate this pure connection linking us all which we hope allows F/Style to resonate with you.


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