TEMBEA Canvas Bag Pop-Up / FRI February 28th - SUN April 5th 2020

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"Carry baguettes and organize books. Stack newspapers and store toys. Pack for a trip; gather your produce. Bike to work; walk to school. Each bag has its function." - TEMBEA

TEMBEA in Swahili means "to wander".   Made from a special cotton canvas treated with paraffin - a type of wax that repels water - TEMBEA yarn is made from meticulously combed cotton fibers, made extra strong and firm through this combing process, also giving the yarn a distinctive, lustrous appearance. Woven on 50+ year old shuttle looms, the resulting TEMBEA canvas has a solid selvage edge that only betters with age.

We are happy to host a special pop-up of TEMBEA bags starting February 28th to April 5th.  A wide variety of bags will be available for purchase so please come and see them!

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