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Tortoise Staff Picks: Gardening while Safer at Home

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When we received these 2 gorgeous photos from our longtime customer Miki, we were delighted to learn that she was growing her own Euphorbia Lambii tree at home, using seeds we gave her from our old haunt on Abbot Kinney.  While life-as-we-know-it seems to have stopped dead in its tracks, nature shows us that life literally plows on.  It is a nice and gentle reminder to persevere - and to remain patient and positive as we wait for the world to heal.  

Here are some gardening tools that we currently have in stock!

The Bear Claw

For obvious reasons, this tool is called the bear claw.  Use it to whack at weeds or create rows for planting or pull up stubborn roots.  

Shown: Bear Claw

The Fruit Saw

Spring is here, so flowers are blooming and trees are bearing fruit!  Use this fruit saw to cut some fruit off a tree, or trim your rose bushes to bring some fresh blooms inside.  The holster keeps you safe from the blade and the loop on the holster lets you carry this tool like a gardening outlaw.  

Shown: Fruit Saw

The Hori Hori

Hori in Japanese means 'to dig'.  This is a digging tool.  Use it to dig up pesky weeds or to replant your wild house plant into a bigger pot so it can grow even bigger!  The holster will come in handy when you want to put your hori hori away or when you want to carry it on your belt loop.

Shown: Hori Hori

Hasami Porcelain Planters

Indoor or outdoors, these Hasami Porcelain planters are perfect for creating a garden of colorful succulents, herbs or small plants.  You can add a 3'' or 5'' Hasami Porcelain plate underneath the planters (in matching or mix-and-match colors) to catch any excess water.  The neutral colors and simple clean design really allow the organic shape of your plants to stand out!

Shown: Hasami Porcelain Natural Big, Hasami Porcelain Natural Small, Hasami Porcelain Black Big, Hasami Porcelain Black Small, Hasami Porcelain Grey Big, Hasami Porcelain Grey Small, Hasami Porcelain Blue Big, Hasami Porcealin Blue Small

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