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Staff Check In: Tortoise Pets Tell us their Favorite Tortoise Things!

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Mavis (Age 12), Co-worker to Emma, GM: 

"We rescued Mavis 2 years ago from an amazing organization called Maeday Rescue.  Mavis is enjoying many walks and nearly 24/7 companionship during this pandemic. Being around her, watching her waddle and smell the grass, has been a life saver."

Mavis' Favorite Item: I love my orange dog mat.  It's the first thing I sit on when I come home from deux walks.

Shown: Dog Mat in Brown and Ivory (Orange is sold out)

Kira (Age 8) Co-worker to Julia, Merchandiser 

"I got Kira from my friend whose cat had a litter of 9 kittens. I was set on choosing a boy, but when I was almost done making my decision, this little one came out of nowhere after her nap and stole my heart. She's clumsy and not graceful like other cats.  She follows me into every room when I'm working at home so it's been a real treat to be so close.

Kira's Favorite Item:  I love snacking out of my Hasami Porcelain bowls.  My owner, Julia stacks the 5'' D rounded bowl on top of a 5'' D shallow bowl so it's raised off the ground and I don't need to stretch my neck down to eat.  

Shown: 5'' Rounded Hasami Bowl in Grey, 5'' Shallow Bowl in Grey

Atom (Age 11) Co-worker to Kaoru, Part-time Member + Jewelry Designer

"Atom is a Pug crossed with a King Charles Cavalier. During this quarantine, he enjoys following everyone around the house, plonking next to us as we study or exercise on our bikes. No more frantic racing to the door with his baby eyes as he sees everyone leaving the house. He had severe health issues with multiple seizures just before the pandemic, but he’s had none so far during quarantine! The happiness effect I’d say."

Atom's Favorite Item: Naturally I love this ceramic pug that was purchased in my honor.  I love to be honored, duh, I'm only dog.

Shown: Ceramic Pug Ornament

Pucci (Age 12) and Tsukene (Age 3), Co-worker to Akiko, Part-time Member and resident culinary expert 

"His name is Pucci, Golden doodle. He is a happy and friendly dog that likes to go his own way.  Her name is Tsukune, a Tortoise Shell cat.  She is a cowardly, but curious cat.  Tsukune always wants to play with Pucci, but he doesn’t want to...  They enjoy it more when more humans are home.  We are happy to be with them."

Tsukune's Favorite Item: Wish list item!  These collars are hand made and round so they don't hurt the skin.  I would look very purty in one I think.

Shown: Goto Pet Collars - Medium Size

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