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Staff Picks for Safer at Home with Family!

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We asked Tortoise staff what they are enjoying at home during this time of 'Safer At Home'.

Here are our recommendations - straight from our shelves to you - on our new Etcetera shop!  We are adding new items to our online shop on a daily basis.  If there is anything you don't see online, don't hesitate to email us at

If you're wondering about something, chances are someone else is too.

Top left to right:

1) Ippodo Tea  (As of 4/21/2020 - we are sold out!) - These green teas (and 1 barley variety) come from Kyoto.  Picked at their peak, Ippodo is considered some of Japan's best teas.  Green tea is full of antioxidants and a healthy way to have caffeine.  Start a tea ritual in the morning - or in the afternoon when you're working at home! 


2) Kosuga Incense - Tortoise staff love Kosuga incense - even those of us who are not 'incense people'.  The subtle smoke and soothing scents - this line of incense was developed for aroma-therapy purposes.  We are constantly debating which one is our favorite - hard to choose!


3) Golda Soaps - We are all about washing our hands now.  Golda is based in Topanga Canyon, and they produce an all natural line of soaps and sprays using Japanese hiba-oil.  Hiba oil is naturally anti-bacterial and have noticeably calming properties.  If you're concerned about chapped hands from your pump soaps, we recommend these oil infused Golda soaps.


4. Walnut 12 Piece Puzzle - No quarantine situation can make us do a 1000 piece puzzle.  We much prefer this 12 piece Walnut puzzle.  It takes a little bit of time to figure out, but once you've put it together, you have a beautiful display of joinery on your home office desk - or up on the shelf in your kid's room.  Fun and beautiful!


5. JAPAN: The Cookbook:  This is a cookbook for people just stepping into Japanese cooking or for those that want to expand their existing repertoire.  With over 400 recipes, learn about Japanese culture and cuisine through recipes that are simple and expertly explained.


6. Enamel Containers: We don't like to let any food go to waste and with these enamel containers, it's very easy.  Enamel is naturally anti-bacterial and helps keep food fresh.  Stackable containers make it easy to store in the fridge, and the handled enamel containers can go directly on the flame.  Leftover chicken soup? Put it in the fridge inside the container, take it out next day, then place on your stove to warm up.  No extra pots necessary!


7. Watercolor Brush Pens - We love this set.  Fun for adults who want to create watercolor art, but easy enough for kids - with very little mess.  Just dip the tip of the brush into water to achieve the watercolor effect, or don't bother with the water and just enjoy the deep pigmentation.  Everyone can be an artist with this set!


8. Apotheke Candles - Even though many of us aren't traveling right now, these travel candles by Apotheke are mentally transportive.  Blended, produced and packaged in Chiba, Japan - everything is done by hand from the pouring to the labeling.  No mass production here!  When you light one, you can't help but appreciate the quality of these amazing scents.  


9. Traveler's Notebook - Life is different now and even though many of us are staying at home, many of us are also working from home.  When life and work collide, you need something to organize the two otherwise you've got a mess.  Many of us here carry around a traveler's notebook - with changeable notebook inserts that help you create customized planners, journals, and record keepers.  A must have.


These and more can be found on our Etcetera Shop now!

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