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A New Year Welcomes a Fresh Start: Setting our Best 7 Intentions for 2021!

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Resolutions can be difficult to keep.  The focus is often on the goal and not the journey.  Intentions on the other hand are a great way to assess our greatest hopes for the new year, to set us on the right trajectory for better appreciation of ourselves and our daily life!  Here are 7 thoughtful intentions we thought could help us have a better 2021 - check it out below!

#1: I intend to cook more in 2021!

Striped oven mitt by Niime Tamaki and a side angle shot of a denim apron

Hakui Aprons and Tamaki Niime Mittens These one-of-a-kind mitts are just as special and thoughtfully made as Niime Tamaki's popular cotton scarves that we've carried for years at Tortoise.  Hakui aprons combines style with function - and one of our favorite features in the navy, striped and light blue apron is the hidden side slit that allows your pant pocket to still be accessible while you're apron covered!

#2: I intend to feel the passage of time more consciously in 2021! 

2021 Moon Phase Calendar: The lunar phases affect everything from ocean tides to our moods, and have been a source of inspiration since we first looked up at night. Be more present every day of the week by following the cycle of la lune on this charming, embossed wall calendar!

#3: I intend to be outdoors more in 2021!

Montbell Backpack and Fire Kit: Montbell Backpack are made from highly technical fabric intended for avid mountain climbers.  Super lightweight, and easily rolled up into a compact pouch, this backpack is durable, functional and an essential for the outdoors.  The Fire Kit is designed by the ever popular luxury outdoor brand, Snow Peak.  As always, supplies are limited!

#4: I intend to have a mindset where I feel free to soar in 2021!

Driftwood Birds: Let your hopes for the new year take flight with these whimsical driftwood birds from Tokyo-based artist, Osamu Harihara. Read all about how Harihara approaches bird making in our special interview with him here!

#5: I intend to have green thumbs in 2021!

Tajika Herb Scissors and Tajika Branch Scissors: Helping things grow in new ways should be on everyone's to-do lists for its truly calming and restorative effect.  Tajika scissors are made by a 4th generation master and his son, and their skills are evident in these beautiful sheers.


#6: I intend to be better with money in 2021!

CDG 3100 Wallet
Stylish and convenient, these wallets from Comme des Garcons are a favorite every year. Their bright colors bring a little joy to every transaction, and the compact yet incredibly functional design makes this a favorite wallet among all of Tortoise's staff!

#7: I intend to be more creative in 2021!

Water Color Brush Pens: If you've always wanted to paint, these brush pens are a great place to start. Experienced artists and beginners alike will find water coloring simpler and more accessible with this lovely set of brush pens that you can dip directly into water.  Very little clean up required, and simply, a great deal of fun.


We hope everyone is able to set their intentions for the new year to get them on best path for achieving better days!  Happy New Year to all!

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