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Feeling Optimistic - Tortoise Welcomes Spring 2021!

Posted by Ruby Zuckerman on

The days are getting longer, the sun feeling warmer, and all of our spirits are a little higher... it must mean spring is here! After such a strange year, celebrating this period of growth and rebirth feels extra meaningful. 

3 stone shaped ceramic vases with dry flowers inside

We want to welcome Spring 2021 with open, hopeful arms - so our Tortoise staff compiled a list of our favorite spring-themed products. We hope these items can help you enjoy this magical time of year, full of new beginnings, to its fullest. 

April showers bring may flowers...these Daiichi Rubber boots are indestructible and the perfect shoe to get you through the last of the rainy weather. Their vulcanized rubber is impenetrable and sure to keep your feet toasty and dry (they were designed with the cold climate of Ortaru, Hokkaido in mind after all), and the textured outer sole will make sure you don't slip on even the slipperiest surface.

Don't let mud get in the way of you enjoying this rainy season! 

And when you're not hiking, gardening, and exploring in these boots, they can be easily folded for compact storage. 

These Tobisho pruners are light yet mighty. Designed for a comfortable grip and yet equipped with a sharp and durable blade, these pruners will cut through branches and stems with ease. After all, when Tobisho first opened its blacksmith workshops, they were manufacturing samurai swords! Take advantage of that legacy while keeping your garden in tip-top shape. 


If outdoor gardening isn't your thing, don't worry. This aquaculture vase can bring the joy of growing plants right to your living room. Place a hyacinth bulb, avocado seed, or even fresh herbs in the top glass dish, and enjoy watching the roots spread throughout the center of the vase.

You can carefully replace the water in the vase by lifting up the glass dish - leaving these delicate plants undisturbed. OR - remove the glass dish entirely for a simple decorative vase.

Throughout the long winter we've been dreaming about what's needed for the perfect picnic situation... here's what we've come up with. Our canvas bags are the perfect retro and sustainable travel container for your lunch (something that may be especially helpful as some of our little ones are returning to school!). They also perfectly fit the Gel Cool Lunch Boxes. The lids are sure to keep your cheese or sushi cool, even if you're waiting till the end of a long and strenuous hike to crack them open. 

The Snow Peak Cutting Board is the perfect way to serve your outdoor goodies. Keeping the sharp and functional stainless steel safely packed away when the cutting board is folded, you can easily carry this lightweight tool in a hiking backpack.  

And then once you've reached your destination - voila! The inner seam is hardly visible.

There's nothing that better encapsulates the buoyant feeling those first warm days give you than this playful Air Bonsai. An affectionate joke-gift for the plant lover that can't keep a plant alive, or a beloved beach side companion, this blow-up tree is sure to be a big hit. 


Are you a loyal farmer's market customer? Bring home your organic treats and locally grown flowers in one of these gorgeous Furoshiki bags from F/Style. Like all of F/Style's designs, these bags bring a modern twist to a traditional Japanese practice. These bags are deep and wide, and while they are perfect for bringing in groceries or packing for a beach trip, they also add a beautiful rustic element to your home decor. Wrap up your favorite blankets, towels, stuffed animals, or accessories in these bags and enjoy their subtle patterns on your living room shelf. 

Ready to use your spring burst of energy to try a new way of pickling? These Hario pickling containers have been used by Tortoise staff members for years. Thinly slice your favorite vegetables, toss them with salt, sugar, and/or your spices of choice, and let the magic happen. Hario suggests microwaving your sliced vegetables for a minute before adding the glass weight in order to speed up your pickling process. 

Finally, we couldn't resist sharing the intricate Shina Bark Flower Basket. Hang this handmade beauty from your wall to show off the prettiest wildflowers of this season. You can lengthen the life of your found flowers by placing a small glass of water inside the basket. Enjoy! 


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