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Let's Go Camping with Snow Peak x Tortoise!

Posted by Emma Tsuchida on

Nestled in the lush mountainous region of Niigata, Japan, Snow Peak's headquarters entail a dreamy 41 acre campus with over 100 campsites designed for their employees and invited guests to quality test their highly covetable gear. Since 1958, Snow Peak has been known for designing aesthetically impeccable, highly functional camping products, and our camp-loving merchandiser Julia recently ordered some of their select gear just in time for camping in chillier weather. Read all about her picks below!

The Snow Peak My Table: "Compact and featherweight, this small foldable table comes with its own carrying case, perfect for light packing and excursions to backyards or beaches. A few of us at Tortoise love using this table indoors for its beautiful design and easy mobility.  It makes the perfect spot for a mug, a small dish and a book - the ideal ingredients for a relaxing sit!"

Titanium Single Wall Mugs: "When I learned about Snow Peak, I was first drawn to their high-quality titanium products.  Snow Peak titanium mugs are made in Tsubame Sanjo, the hardware capital of Japan.  Titanium is one of the most difficult metals to work with in the world, and the most gifted titanium manufactures are found in this region.  This mug is perfect because it's lightweight, and resistant to rust and corrosion.  The single wall body also means I can put it directly over a flame."

Fire Side Leather Sueded Gloves: "Great for grabbing hot kettles or emptying coal from the grill, these are definitely a camping necessity.  You feel the heat if you hold something very hot after 10-15 seconds, but that's to be expected. One size fits all, and as an added bonus the suede ages really nice."

Other recommended camping products by Tortoise: 

"Our 3-in-1 camping cutlery set.  The bottle opener on the knife is a convenient touch."

"Noda Horo's lidded enamel containers .  They can be used as food containers, but they double as cooking vessels (albiet the material is more delicate than titanium).  Keep your leftover chili in one of these, then take off the lid and reheat over the fire the next morning."

"I always bring my stainless steel coffee pot by Hario on camping trips because we like our drip coffee in the morning, and this is the best kettle for achieving the perfect bloom."  

Thanks for sharing, Julia!  We're expecting more of the following products in the coming weeks from Snow Peak, so please email us at hello@tortoiselife.com if you'd like to be contacted when they arrive!

- Snow Peak's Fire Tool Set Pro 
- Snow Peak's Side Attach Bag
- Snow Peak's Cutting Board Set

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