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Bull-Headed Shrike - Wild Bird Ornamentーもず

Bull-Headed Shrike - Wild Bird Ornamentーもず

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To pass the time in their snow covered mountain town, the women folk of Niigata developed the craft of making birds.  

Originally made as souvenirs for visitors to their local hot springs, the birds have attracted attention beyond the occasional traveler since the craft began in the 1950s.  These colorful palm-sized birds are based on the beautiful wild birds native to Japan, and made carefully by hand using wire, artisanal paper and real bird feathers.  Only 3 women have mastered this difficult craft, and each woman is responsible for a different part of the bird - their teamwork sacred and also slightly endangered.  

Though the journey ahead for these wild birds is uncertain, they'll continue soaring high through one more winter at least.

Due to the bird's natural materials, like feathers and down, please include insect repellent when storing away.

Each bird is made by hand.  There may be slight differences among each bird due to its natural material and handmade quality.    

Dimensions: 2'' h x 1.5'' w x 5'' l


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