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Balloon Plant - Sola Cube
Balloon Plant - Sola Cube
Balloon Plant - Sola Cube

Balloon Plant - Sola Cube

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When you gaze upon a sola cube, there is a childlike wonder that fills that moment.  Like the crystal clear resin that suspends the preserved seed, flower, plant inside, one feels suspended in disbelief over how such an object was formed, marveling at the natural world it has captured, to become your palm-sized treasure.

Considerable craftsmanship is required to make each cube.  From inserting the plant, to hand-polishing the resin down to its clean edges, to ensuring that no tiny air bubble distract from the specimen itself - this cube is a display of both human and natural perfection.  

Place this sola cube in your most favorite area,  away from direct sunlight, and fall into a meditative wonder.

Balloon Plant: The fruit of the Balloon Plant is round and full like a balloon, which is where the name is derived from.  A heart shape pattern forms on the surface of the seed, a natural occurrence when the nutrition of the plant is being supplied during the formation of the fruit.

Botanical essence: Proof of Love

Dimensions: 4cm x 4cm

Material: Resin and Balloon Plant (Plant)

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Balloon Plant - Sola Cube