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Shigarakiyaki SG007 Takadai Plate M
Shigarakiyaki SG007 Takadai Plate M
Shigarakiyaki SG007 Takadai Plate M

Shigarakiyaki SG007 Takadai Plate M

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Made in Japan's Shiga prefecture, near Kyoto, Shigarakiware has been setting the standard for functional pottery in the region since the 12th century as of the Six Ancient Kilns of Japan.

Sourcing their clay exclusively from the nearby prehistoric Lake Biwa (the largest freshwater lake in Japan), this ancient natural material imparts an interesting hand-feel to all of its pieces. 

Tortoise owner Taku Shinomoto art directed this line of stoneware using molds that were out of production, bringing them back to life with a more contemporary appearance, directing them to be glazed with a manganese powder finish to accentuate its clean lines.

This stand can be used to display and serve food in an elegant way.  The 1 inch height adds interest, bringing the food or objects placed on top of the surface into beautiful focus.

The stone like texture of the clay adds additional contrast, giving an almost unfinished and earthy appearance to your table. 

Due to the way it elevates food presentation this line is currently being used in high end restaurants in Japan - perfect for placing on your kitchen counter-top for everyday use or to serve hour devours for your next formal dinner parties - possibilities are endless.


Care instructions:

Hand-wash, dishwasher safe.  

Ceramics are sealed with very thin coats of transparent glaze, but food oil and color absorption may happen over time.  As with all stoneware, a natural patina and changing of color will occur over time.


9.5'' (d) x 1'' (h)


Shigarakiyaki SG007 Takadai Plate M