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Kiritsuke Chef's Knife - tortoise general store
Kiritsuke Chef's Knife - tortoise general store
Kiritsuke Chef's Knife - tortoise general store

Kiritsuke Chef's Knife

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Title 205mm

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This knife is made of Blue Steel. The highest-grade Japanese steel. This traditional multipurpose knife last a very long time with maintenance. The knife is a hybrid of USUBA (for vegetables) and YANAGI (for fish slice: sushi).

Many talented blacksmiths started emerging during the late Heian to the Kamakura period and five producing districts-Yamato, Bizen, Yamashiro, Soushu, Mino-were established, each with their own style and technique in forging Japanese swords. In the Katana industry, these five areas became generically known as the “Gokaden” during the Meiji period(1868-1911). Then these kitchen knives emerged from these areas to reflect the traditional art of Japanese swords which are hand forged by skilled craftsman.


-205mm (8 inches) long
-165mm (6.5 inches) long

Blade: Blue Super Clad Steel, Soft Stainless
Handle: Keyaki - Japanese Zelkova
Collar: Mahogany Wood

Care Instructions:
Hand wash with warm water, towel dry very well immediately after each use. Use Sharpening stone to maintain the blade. Do not cut hard materials, such as bone or frozen food. It can damage the blade.


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