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Copper Kaikado Canister (Wide 200g) - tortoise general store
Copper Kaikado Canister (Wide 200g) - tortoise general store
Copper Kaikado Canister (Wide 200g) - tortoise general store

Copper Kaikado Canister (Wide 200g)

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Since 1875, only one family in Kyoto has single-handedly produced KAIKADO canisters, using an original technique with over 130 steps. These traditional tea canisters, known as chazutsu, posses a beauty that is revealed over time -- their metal surfaces changing color as they age. Although these canisters are principally used for storing tea, KAIKADO canisters can store coffee, seeds, beans or any other item that must be kept away from moisture.  Currently KAIKADO is led by 6th generation craftmaster, Takahiro Yagi, who continues the legacy of his family, while he moves KAIKADO forward in the spirit of innovation and positivity to create canisters for future generations.

Care instructions: After you purchase you will perceive a normal yet subtle change in color tone.  Copper (2-3 months), Brass (1-2 years), Tin (3-5 years).  Like fine wine, chazutsus appreciate with age.

Each canister is made by hand so precisely that each canister lid will close on its own without unnecessary pushing or pressing.  Just line the joints of the lid and body when you wish to close your chazutsu, and watch the lid descend on its own, slowly and gently, observing the faint sound of air gently expelling from the caddy so you know it is becoming airtight.  

Chazutsus should not be washed in water or placed in a dishwasher.  Use just a soft cloth to dust off your canister and then lovingly caress the body of the chazutsu everyday to impart an enchanting sheen that will create a slow and subtle color change over time.

Each canister is wrapped in a white paper that once removed will start the oxidation process.  If the paper is unwrapped, we CANNOT accept the canister as a return because the canister will already be changed from its original state - please be aware and careful.  

Dimensions: Wide 7oz / 3.6" d x 4.3" h / $155

Other sizes and metals may be available in-store, but not online.  Please contact us by phone or see us in person for availability. 


Copper Kaikado Canister (Wide 200g) - tortoise general store