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2019 Serizawa Calendar
2019 Serizawa Calendar
2019 Serizawa Calendar

2019 Serizawa Calendar

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The first stencil-dyed calendar was created by artist Keisuke Serizawa in 1946.  During the occupation of Japan, it was popular among the wives of U.S. officers to send these calendars back home as Christmas gifts for family and friends.

Serizawa's artist use of an already unique craft became so popular among visitros that the emperor of Japan designated him as a 'Living National Treasure' in 1956. 

Serizawa continued to produce new calendars for the next 39 years until he passed away in 1985.  Today his family continues to produce calendars with his existing patterns so people from around the world can continue to enjoy his rich and color designs year after year.

Each 2019 calendar set comes with 12 individual pages filled with exciting and colorful prints that can be displayed inside the calendar's plastic stand.  

Display them in the stand and rotate the card each month, or frame all 12 cards yourself to see the full year.

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Dimension: 4'' (l) x 5.5'' (h)

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2019 Serizawa Calendar