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Flatworks Box #4 (2020) by Mitsuru Koga - tortoise general store
Flatworks Box #4 (2020) by Mitsuru Koga - tortoise general store
Flatworks Box #4 (2020) by Mitsuru Koga - tortoise general store

Flatworks Box #4 (2020) by Mitsuru Koga

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"Boxes are moving sculptures…created by everyone."
-Koga, 'Warehouse' published in 2012

There is hidden beauty in a cardboard box that comes from its utilitarian aesthetic. Even though Koga’s boxes look manufactured, they are in fact created by hand with exacting precision. The works are somewhere between 2D and 3D, mass production and craft.  With great skill and mysterious methods, Mitsuru Koga shows us a colorful world in which we can marvel at tools and objects with renewed appreciation. Koga gives vibrancy to these still life objects found in his atelier by bringing the familiar into unique focus. Each flatwork piece is signed with the artist's signature and is displayed in a wooden frame and acrylic.

The leaf you select in the dropdown is the leaf you will receive. Each leaf is one-of-a-kind and hand-done.

Misturu Koga (b. 1980), based in Kanagawa prefecture, Japan, Koga has the ability to infuse life into seemingly mundane materials, and transforms them into objects of art. These transformations are Koga’s commitment to exploring the delicate relationship between man and object, man and nature. His recent studio visit can be found here.

17.5'' x 14.5'' x 2'' 

Cardboard, tape, paper, plastic, screen-printing, 

Care Instructions:
Fragile piece. Please handle with care.

Art pieces are final sale.
Flatworks Box #4 (2020) by Mitsuru Koga - tortoise general store