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Kumiki Puzzle WP-4 - tortoise general store
Kumiki Puzzle WP-4 - tortoise general store
Kumiki Puzzle WP-4 - tortoise general store

Kumiki Puzzle WP-4

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Toy or Art? You decide. These complex wooden puzzles were originally designed as a way to train Japanese architects how to think in terms of joinery and avoid metal nails and screws. Today, they are a mind bender for any puzzle lover. This wooden puzzle comes preassembled with visual instructions for how to take it apart and piece it back together.  When you've built this puzzle, break it apart to test your family and friends.  Or leave as is and display as a sculptural object, or trophy.  Perfect for displaying on a desk, coffee table or shelf!

100% natural wood material means there is variation in the grain and color of the pieces.  

Made in Japan.

4.5" x 4.5" x 4.5" when assembled 


Care Instructions:
Wood will patina with time, darkening or lightening depending on the environment and light contact.  Wood also naturally contracts or expands depending on the humidity in the environment. If the environment is humid, a puzzle that is left assembled for a long time may be difficult to break apart again because the wood has expanded.  Wood that is left in a dry environment may shrink and loosening the assembled pieces.

Return Policy: 
Returns must be made within 2 weeks in original, unused condition with all packaging for either 1. Store credit for the full amount or 2. Refund - minus a 20% restocking fee.  Tortoise does not cover the cost of return shipping or the cost of re-shipping an exchange, and the cost of shipping for returns and exchanges is the responsibility of the customer.

Kumiki Puzzle WP-4 - tortoise general store