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Tajika Flower Scissors
Tajika Flower Scissors
Tajika Flower Scissors

Tajika Flower Scissors

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Tajiks's flower scissors have elegantly curved handles that make them comfortable to grip and maneuver.  The blade is sharp and designed in a way to allow the user to use as little force as possible to trim your flower stems and leaves.  

Tajika Haruo Ironworks, located in Ono City - just northeast of Kobe - is a 4th generation business that has been producing high quality handcrafted scissors and shears since the Showa period.

Father and son, Takeo an Daisuke Tajika, forge, shape, and sharpen each piece by hand -- using techniques handed down for centuries.  

Although Ono is famous for metal crafting, Tajika is one of the very few businesses in Japan that still craft scissors by hand.

Tajika creates scissors not only for gardening and cooking - using a complicated process that makes scissors fit easily into the hand while allowing a firm grip.

Dimensions: L 14.5cm x W 7cm
Weight: 70g
Material: Steel

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Tajika Flower Scissors