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Japanese Home Cooking: Simple Meals, Authentic Flavor by Sonoko Saikai / Special Book-Signing November 24th 1PM - 3PM

The diversely talented cooking teacher, soba expert, and Japanese food advocate Sonoko Saikai will be back at Tortoise to promote her new cookbook, Japanese Home Cooking: Simple Meals, Authentic Flavors (recently listed in the 2019 holiday gift guide by the LA Times).

In her latest book, Sonoko breaks down the fundamentals of Japanese cuisine into easy-to-understand cooking elements, and explores high-quality seasonal ingredients with simple preparations that can be used in a variety of dishes.

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Hibi Matchstick Incense (Variety of Scents) $12 each

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TGS Lunch - Akiko's Red Snapper with Tofu Mayonnaise, Okra Pickles, and Mushroom Rice

Today we enjoyed a healthy macrobiotic lunch using the latest addition to our Tortoise Test Kitchen:

A beautiful 30'' bamboo Chinese steamer!

Please try Akiko's Japanese - Chinese fusion inspired recipes below in your own test kitchen at home!


    Steamed Red Snapper

    • Red Snapper – 4 fillets
    • Salt and pepper – to taste
    • Shokushu (Chinese sake) - 2 tablespoons


    To prepare the 4 fresh fillets of Red Snapper, acquired at the Santa Monica Fish Market, Akiko used a large...

    Opportunity for Part-time & Full-time Position at Tortoise

    Tortoise + Tortoise General Store + Tortoise Hasami Porcelain is a curated multi-functional retail space dedicated to Japanese design, craft and art.  We are currently seeking an enthusiastic retail associate available during the holiday season to potentially become a permanent part-time or full-time member at our location in Mar Vista, California.

    Position: Season Part-Time and Full-Time Associate with weekend availability 

    Start date: October 2019

    Language: English fluency required.  Bilingual English-Japanese fluency strongly preferred 

    Salary: $15/hour (training) / $17/hour (part-time) / TBD (full-time)

    Please email resume and cover letter to: emma@tortoiselife.com

    Details: The preferred candidate has a background knowledge of Japanese culture and design with...

    TGS Lunch - Akiko's Vegetarian Mapo Tofu + Clam with Soy Milk Miso Soup + Daikon Pickles

    Today's staff lunch focused on healthy ingredients. 

    We enjoyed a tasty menu of vegetarian mapo tofu, clam with soy milk miso soup, side of daikon pickles, sweet mini tomatoes and renkon-hasami. 

    The daikon pickles were prepared using our Hario pickler and the lotus root sandwiches were leftover from a recent Tortoise potluck.

    Please find Akiko's delicious recipes below and enjoy these meals in your kitchen!

    Vegetarian Mapo Tofu


    • Shiitake - 2
    • Hoshi Shiitake (dry) - 6
    • Carrot – 1 stick
    • White onion – 1/2
    • Garlic – 2 cloves
    • ...