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Staff Check In: Tortoise Pets Tell us their Favorite Tortoise Things!

Mavis (Age 12), Co-worker to Emma, GM: 

"We rescued Mavis 2 years ago from an amazing organization called Maeday Rescue.  Mavis is enjoying many walks and nearly 24/7 companionship during this pandemic. Being around her, watching her waddle and smell the grass, has been a life saver."

Mavis' Favorite Item: I love my orange dog mat.  It's the first thing I sit on when I come home from deux walks.

Shown: Dog Mat in Brown and Ivory (Orange is sold out)

Every Piece Unique: Common Variations and Recommended Care Instructions for Hasami Porcelain

Every piece of Hasami Porcelain is one-of-a-kind. While the shapes themselves are uniform, the coloration, flecks and texture unavoidably express the distinct make up of their clay.

Hasami Porcelain is made in the historic town of Hasami, located in Nagasaki prefecture of Japan. For over 400 years, the proprietary mixture of crushed stone from Amakusa used in this clay and porcelain mixture have created some of the most beautiful pottery in the world.

Common Variations: Due to the organic nature of the porcelainware used for Hasami, unavoidable variations, color unevenness, and what Hasami craftspeople...

Tortoise Staff Picks: Gardening while Safer at Home

When we received these 2 gorgeous photos from our longtime customer Miki, we were delighted to learn that she was growing her own Euphorbia Lambii tree at home, using seeds we gave her from our old haunt on Abbot Kinney.  While life-as-we-know-it seems to have stopped dead in its tracks, nature shows us that life literally plows on.  It is a nice and gentle reminder to persevere - and to remain patient and positive as we wait for the world to heal.  

Here are some gardening tools that we currently have in stock!


Check-In with Black Barc's Mizuki Tsurutaka During Safer at Home

Mizuki Tsurutaka is the Japanese designer and sole pair of hands producing her beautiful jewelry line, Black Barc.  When you meet her in person, you can't help but see the resemblance of the artisan to her craft; she's petite, sparkly, delicate  - a tad bit shy, whimsical, but understated.  

Mizuki began Black Barc in 2011 in Los Angeles, several years after moving to the United States when she was just a 19 year-old student.  The name Black Barc references her commitment to hand-forging her jewelry over relying on molds - using traditional Japanese blacksmithing techniques to form all her work. 

Tortoise Staff Picks: Our Favorite Tools in the Kitchen!

WRF Espresso Mugs:

It's hard to find an espresso cup more charming than these small mugs by local ceramic studio, WRF (West, River, Field).  Handmade in Orange County by Japanese ceramicist Nobuhito Nishigawara (in English his name translates into 'West, River, Field'), these pieces are all wheel-thrown for a wonderfully organic feel in the hand.

Online: Set of 4 WRF Espresso Mugs

Kamado Donabe Rice Cooker:

While electric rice cookers are convenient, we can't stress enough the joy and pure ease of cooking...