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Two New Styles of Hasami Porcelain Bowls Debuts Exclusively at Tortoise!

The satisfying texture, the surprisingly lightweight feeling, the varying shades of clay that sing when they're stacked: Hasami Porcelain is unmistakable.  Since its founding in 2010, we have carried the full line of Hasami Porcelain's modular ceramicware designed by Tortoise co-owner, Taku Shinomoto.  The concept of the line is simple, but its purpose can be applied and reapplied in new ways, which keeps Taku busy as he thoughtfully expands the collection.  Starting today, we're excited to announce Hasami Porcelain's debut of two

Tortoise Staff Picks: New Products for your Home and Life

Glass Teapot with Wood Handle

This glass teapot is a clean and cool option for your daily tea set-up at home that makes watching your tea brew as much fun as drinking it.  Perfect for brewing loose leaf tea for 2, the natural wood handle balances out the stainless steel lid for a satisfying design.  

Shown: Hario Glass Teapot

Camping Cutlery by Tsubamesanjo

Reminiscent of a standard issue carry for soldiers, this brushed stainless steel fork, knife and spoon cutlery set nest...

Check-In with Tomoro Pottery's Tomoko Morisaki During Safer at Home

Tomoko Morisaki works quietly inside a converted garage in Torrance California, her hands coated in slip (clay liquid) as she gently raises a bowl on a spinning wheel.  Her electric kiln is within arm's-length, and her shelves are lined with neutral-toned clay creations in playful geometric shapes. A cluster of cat dinner bells stand politely next to a stack of bowls that collectively resemble a tiered cake - the glaze drips down their sides like frosting.  

Working with clay is a solitary activity, except Tomoko is also a mother of 2.  One is in grade school while the other...

Spring is Here - Let's Enjoy Flower Arrangement at Home!

Our gardens are in bloom, so now's the time to take advantage and enjoy them with some simple arrangements.

Tortoise owner, Keiko, shows us how she is arranging her flowers at home.

E: What are you using for this type of flower arrangement?

K: I am of course using Hasami Porcelain bowls.  Right now, I am using the deep bowls in 5'' and 7'' diameter, but you can use the shallow bowls as well.  The other key tool is the kenzan.  It's an ikebana tool that are called 'frogs' in English, and they are flat round discs with...

The Magic of Making Tenugui - Plus, our Seasonal Summer Patterns Explained!

Tenuguis have been part of Japanese life since the Heian Period For non-historians, that's a golden age long ago when Kyoto was the nation's capital and Japanese literature, art and architecture was thriving - from 794 to 1185.  In the Heian period, tenuguis were used to dry hands, wrap valuables and clean the home. Flash forward 500 years to the Edo period (1608 - 1868), tenugui cloths become more of a fashion accessory where men and women wear them around the head and neck to absorb sweat and protect the skin against the sun.  The appeal of tenugui cloths from Heian till now is the...