How to Wrap your Holiday Present in the Tortoise Style!

Posted by Keiko Shinomoto on

For everyone's safety and comfort this holiday season - we will stop in-store gift wrapping starting November 1st 2021.  But we're not about to leave you hanging! 
Over the years, many of our customers have asked us - how do you gift wrap?  Well, we're teaching you today.  Here's 'How to Gift Wrap Like a Tortoise Pro'.

Get your materials ready:

Materials for holiday gift wrapping - paper, scissors and box

Cutting the right amount of paper is THE KEY. 
Sometimes you can cut the paper too small or too big, which will doom your gift wrap.  This is what we mean:

Now you're ready to begin folding and taping. 
But first make sure the paper and gift are in the right positions:

You're ready to make your first folds:

Moving to the left side:

Maybe the most challenging fold, but you're almost at the end.  Go slowly and be neat for best results!

You did it!  

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