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Check-in with Yo Takimoto - A message from Japan!


We last spoke to Yo back in March when Yo arrived from Japan to teach a spring session of woodcarving classes.  Unfortunately, Yo had to leave shortly after he arrived, going back home to Japan as the pandemic hit the U.S.  We haven't spoken to Yo since we last saw him in March, but we're happy to say we were able to hear from him this week and learn that he and his wife, Kumiko, are both healthy.  Read Yo's sweet message to Tortoise down below!

Thank you for the e-mail.
The Japanese corona-virus seems not as widespread as it is in the United States, but I am still social distancing at home.
Woodcarving classes have stopped, but I carve wood everyday on my own, and spend time watching TV and reading books.
Although I sometimes take a walk, this life of being indoors is not good for diabetes because of the lack of exercise and tendency to eat too much.
Lately I've started carving interesting parts of trees that I've never used before, such as tree roots.
My belief is to never make it into a shape.  Respect the wood. It's fun to carve the wood into the shape it wants to become and polish its finished form.
For a while I don't see myself going on my woodcarving journeys to see my students, but I hope I can resume soon.
I'm looking forward to having a woodcarving workshop with everyone at Tortoise someday.
Yo Takimoto





We're so glad to receive your message and to know you're still carving everyday, Yo!  Please stay healthy, and we'll see you when things return to normal!

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