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axe 'pre-order + pick up' pancake batter event!


AXE and Tortoise have a friendship spanning over 15 years and 2 very big moves.  Since working side by side together on Abbot Kinney from 2003 to 2014, we have had 3 AXE events at Tortoise and we are happy to announce yet  another. For those who have asked when AXE would return to Tortoise with their famous multi-grain pancake batter, we are happy to inform you that AXE will return this November for a special 'Pre-Order and Pick-Up' 2-day event!

Before AXE left Abbot Kinney in 2014, AXE was an iconic restaurant on the popular boulevard and a Venice legend for being a pioneer of the farm to table movement since it opened in 1999.  AXE's exclusive 'Pre-Order and Pick-Up' day will allow folks to pre-order AXE pancake batter in advance and pick up their batter on Friday November 16th.  Joanna, owner of AXE will be bringing her pre-ordered batter to Tortoise herself and will be available to meet and greet guests from 11 am to 4 pm on both days.

If you would like to purchase AXE's multigrain pancake, please contact Joanna directly by emailing to joannaxe@earthlink.net.  Joanna will be begin taking pre-orders starting October 15th.  

Please be aware - we will only have enough batter for those who pre-order in advance with Joanna, so please act fast -- this delicious batter often sells out quickly.  

AXE pancake batter is made with Northern California's nutritious and delicious Jersey milk, farm fresh eggs, and Yecora Rojo stone ground flour from Central Milling.  Ingredients are free of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers or growth hormones.  AXE's one quart container is sold frozen (which keeps well for many months).  Each quart container costs $20.

Please contact Joanna at joannaxe@earthlink.net for any questions.  Thank you Joanna!

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