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Daily Inspiration from Ancient Craft and Nature - F/Style Pop Up X Tortoise General Store

A Message from F/Style:

Like a warm, home-cooked meal or a treasured piece of clothing worn again and again, F/Style seeks to seamlessly meld into the fabric of one’s daily life so that its harmonious, nourishing presence is almost undetectable in the quotidian stillness.

F/Style’s organic origins date back...

Slow and Steady Wins the Race - Tortoise x New Year's Resolutions

We can easily feel overwhelmed at the start of the new year with pressure to change our habits and lifestyle.  But in good ol' Tortoise fashion, we encourage you to take it slow and steady.  After all, we've just entered a new decade - so there's time to learn and grow! Here are a few things in our general store that we think can help make your resolutions easier to keep.

1. Miso Donabe Pot ($216): One pot dishes never looked so good.  Donabe, meaning 'earthenware pot' in Japanese, are perfect for cooking...

Japanese Home Cooking: Simple Meals, Authentic Flavor by Sonoko Saikai / Special Book-Signing November 24th 1PM - 3PM

The diversely talented cooking teacher, soba expert, and Japanese food advocate Sonoko Saikai will be back at Tortoise to promote her new cookbook, Japanese Home Cooking: Simple Meals, Authentic Flavors (recently listed in the 2019 holiday gift guide by the LA Times).

In her latest book, Sonoko breaks down the fundamentals of Japanese cuisine into easy-to-understand cooking elements, and explores high-quality seasonal ingredients with simple preparations that can be used in a variety of dishes.

TGS x Select Fragrances for Your Home

5 Elements Soy Candles (Sky, Air, Fire, Water, Earth) $34 each

Golda Atmosphere Spray (Hiba Essential Oil) $18-42

Hibi Matchstick Incense (Variety of Scents) $12 each

Tamanohada Sphere Soap (Lavender, Orange, Rose, Musk) $12 each

Elemense Incense Set (Sekishin, Nukubai, Tetsukon, Kiyobi, Suou) $35 each

Comme Des Garcon Perfumes (Variety of Scents) $95 - $200


TGS Lunch - Akiko's Red Snapper with Tofu Mayonnaise, Okra Pickles, and Mushroom Rice

Today we enjoyed a healthy macrobiotic lunch using the latest addition to our Tortoise Test Kitchen:

A beautiful 30'' bamboo Chinese steamer!

Please try Akiko's Japanese - Chinese fusion inspired recipes below in your own test kitchen at home!


    Steamed Red Snapper

    • Red Snapper – 4 fillets
    • Salt and pepper – to taste
    • Shokushu (Chinese sake) - 2 tablespoons


    To prepare the 4 fresh fillets of Red Snapper, acquired at the Santa Monica Fish Market, Akiko used a large...