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Staff Picks for Safer at Home with Family!

We asked Tortoise staff what they are enjoying at home during this time of 'Safer At Home'.

Here are our recommendations - straight from our shelves to you - on our new Etcetera shop!  We are adding new items to our online shop on a daily basis.  If there is anything you don't see online, don't hesitate to email us at

If you're wondering about something, chances are someone else is too.

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Gratitude for Tortoise Community: Taku and Keiko Shinomoto - Message from Tortoise Owners



Dear Tortoise Community:

Apologies for taking such a candid picture for our store newsletter. It is however a glimpse into our current daily life: as brick and mortar store owners and full-time parents to a 3rd grade boy under “Safer at Home” orders.  

On Mar. 20th 2020, we closed our doors to the public, unsure of when it would be time again to re-open. Since starting our business, we focused on running a physical store for more than 16 years. A conscious choice that left our online shop...

Staff At Home: Akiko's Tonjiru Soup Recipe

“Tonjiru (Pork Miso Soup)” for rainy day


I like rainy days. Maybe it’s because I’m in California.
I love the rain once in a while. The sound and smell of the rain.
I stand in my kitchen.
Ok, what am I going to cook? What do I want to eat?
It’s a bit cold today, so I guess I’d like to have something warm.

Tonjiru! With a lot of ginger. Ginger and root vegetables warm you up.

Pork has good amount of vitamin B, which helps to limit accumulation of neutral fat, produces beautiful skin, also helps you recover from exhaustion....

Staff Picks for Valentine's Day x Tortoise General Store

Valentine's is a day to give something special to someone special.  Here are some of the special somethings our staff would love to receive and give in the name of love.

1. Maneki Neko Candy Jar ($136): Life is like a jar of candy.  Hirota Glass is one of Japan's oldest and most revered glass companies.  Their popularity rose in the 1920's when loosely wrapped...

TEMBEA Canvas Bag Pop-Up / FRI February 28th - SUN April 5th 2020

"Carry baguettes and organize books. Stack newspapers and store toys. Pack for a trip; gather your produce. Bike to work; walk to school. Each bag has its function." - TEMBEA

TEMBEA in Swahili means "to wander".   Made from a special cotton canvas treated with paraffin - a type of wax that repels water - TEMBEA yarn is made from meticulously combed cotton fibers, made extra strong and firm through this combing...