NOVEMBER / Good Company: G.K.P. Pop-Up with Founder & Designer, Kazuyo Takeda

When Kazuyo Takeda found an email in her inbox from the Michelin star chef, Grant Achatz, she first thought it was junk mail.  Instead a glowing...

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OCTOBER II / Good Company Exhibition "Walking in the Fog" by Tomoko Morisaki

TGS: Can you tell us about your upcoming exhibition and the art you're showcasing? TOMOKO: My exhibition is titled "Walking in the Fog", and the work was...

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OCTOBER / Good Company With YOKA Founder, Sachiyo Itabashi

Home is where we start, and for Sachiyo Itabashi, the 13-hour flight home to Kumamoto city a year and a half ago was the start...

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Interview with Taku Shinomoto - Designer of Hasami Porcelain and Owner of Tortoise General Store

ET: Can you tell us what led you to design the Hasami Porcelain collection? TAKU: Before Hasami Porcelain, I was a furniture designer and shop...

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MAY / Good Company with Mano Del Sur: Interview with Founder, Shuko Clouse

After a 10-day trip to Chiapas Mexico, Shuko Clouse carefully unpacks her two large suitcases filled with beautiful weavings, clay objects and paper art thoughtfully sourced from...

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APRIL / Good Company with Nazraeli Press: Interview with Founder and Publisher, Chris Pichler and Editor, Maya Ishiwata

Founded in Munich in 1990, Nazraeli Press publishes stunning photography books, often utilizing unusual materials and formats with print runs rarely exceed 1,000.  We first encountered Nazraeli...

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Shoe Clearance Sale - ASAHI and Moonstar - April 16th to April 30th!

Starting Saturday, April 16th to April 30th, we will have a 40% off clearance sale on ASAHI and Moonstar shoes in all available styles until...

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MARCH / Good Company with Sanae Suzuki: Interview with the Author of 'Healthy Happy Pooch - Wisdom and Homemade Recipes to Give Your Dog a Healthy, Happy Life'

Sanae Suzuki combs the Santa Monica Farmers Market for fresh ingredients, as she mentally prepares a menu for herself and her pooches. Sanae's expertise in plant-based macrobiotic...

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Open Position: E-Commerce Merchandiser (Part-time or Full-Time)

 Tortoise General Store is a curated multi-functional retail space dedicated to Japanese design, craft and art.  We are currently seeking an enthusiastic part-time or full-time E-Commerce Merchandiser at...

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